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At Brainiacs Tech, we have made it our mission to improve the online exposure for all of our customers. Combining business logic, extensive expertise in web design and a portfolio containing works for all major industry verticals, we believe that we have the winning combination. From corporate giants and enterprises to entrepreneurs with just a brainstorm to hand, we have seen it all. When selecting Brainiacs as your vendor, you will gain access to a dedicated team that is willing to understand your business, its market and its objectives to achieve only the best results. Furthermore, with years of experience in web businesses, Brainiacs will try to identify new revenue streams for your operations to maximise your online potential and capture your market where it really matters.


Mobile Applications Development

Brainiacs Tech offers advance services in the field of mobile application development Across various platforms. we are constantly engaged in raising the bar and setting high Standards for mobile application by using the three key characteristics i.e anytime platform. Our mobile application development services are professional and divers. Regardless of the nature of your applications need we are ready to deliver quality assistance and satisfy your most unexpected software demands

Brainiacs Tech mobile application development services include:

  • Productivity apps
  • Mobile client software
  • Games and multimedia apps
  • Internet apps

iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone

iPhone was a revolution which, in essence, turned mobile phones into smartphones. But the arrival of Android became a game changer and other mobile phone brands moved quickly to upgrade their hardwares, softwares, development tools and other APIs to get into the game. In this everyday changing industry, Brainiacs Tech has acted promptly and preemptively and have successfully updated its workforce skillset, tools and technologies, softwares, hardwares and work environment to stay ahead of the game. Hence we are able to provide our partners and customers the software development services for all of these platform under one roof.

Flash/Flex/Air Applications

We are expert in developing interactive application using application Flash Flex, Action script ,Adobe air. Our flash/Flax /Air applications can make your solution smart extraordinary, interactive and engaging.

Our services include:

  • flash/Flax applications development
  • flash/Flax websites development
  • flash/Flax integrations
  • flash/Flax component development
  • flash/Flax widget development cartoon animation
  • Action script programming

Web Design & Development

Brainiacs Tech web application development services range from developing simple to Complex rebuts web application with advance enterprise application integration features as well as other advance solutions. This is one of our key differentiation, enabling our clients to truly leverage technology to achieve there business and IT objective. Brainiacs Tech web application development have refund approach towards web applications development and are highly expert in developing and assimilating Efficient solution for companies irrespective of their size.

We deliver the following suite of web application development services:

  • Customer relationship management application
  • Business application development
  • Ecommerce portal development
  • Social networking portal development
  • Internet application development
  • Order processing software development
  • Distribution management system functionality

We are also listed on Web Design Quote Now, The UK Web Design Association and FreeIndex.co.uk

Cloud Based Applications

We specialize in development of cloud applications focusing on Google Microsoft azure And Amazon cloud platforms. these platforms promise to move the focus of cloud computing to the applications level. Cloud based application can guarantee consistent and demand-able access to your data when you and your client inquire its Brainiacs Tech builds your projects with the scale-ability, easy maintenance and flexibility you want.

Our cloud services include:

  • Migration to cloud
  • General cloud based development
  • Cloud Architecture consulting
  • Development on cloud platforms
  • Maintenance and support for application on cloud
  • Internal or private cloud implementations
  • Performance management and monitoring

Social Media Applications

We deliver creative, marketing and technical skills to develop and implement integrated Social media application for a wide range of client across several industries. We offer customized applications across any social media platform.

Face book and twitter are the largest social networking and micro blogging applications available today. Offering a platform on these network gives business and organizations the opportunity to communicate with their targeted audiences across the global. our applications allow customized presence and provide advance functionality such as a booking engines, polls, and interactive games and fully fledged marketing campaigns.

Our social media application development services include:

  • Community site development
  • Customized social networking development
  • Social networking applications development
  • Social networking web design
  • Social networking game development
  • Integration with other API,s
  • Ul design and theme development
  • Custom plug in and module development
  • Integrations with the shopping carts
  • Social media consulting

Blackberry Development

Blackberry is a popular smart phone which is majorly the choice of Business officials due to its professional looks and features. The use of Blackberry phones is getting more common day by day particularly in professional public. Apps have as ever made the business practices easier for the people...


SEO Marketing

We provide affordable Search Engine Optimisation services for your Local as well as Global SEO needs. With 80% people using search engines to find businesses online, if your website is not listed in top 10 results of a search engine, you are loosing business to your competitors every minute. Our set of ethical SEO strategies, tools & technologies takes care of your website’s ranking in search engine results.

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